The Connection

People in a small town are interwoven as if connected by a giant spider web.  Be careful who you talk about, there’s a chance the subject of your story is related to the listener!

It was a small group of people who gathered around the opening in the earth.  If the deceased man had friends while living, none were compelled to brave the biting cold weather to bid him farewell.  Winter in Wyoming reaches inside a person and clenches the bones.  So, only a few family members came to say goodbye.  And only those that felt obligated to come.

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a few thoughts regarding a closetful of clothes

A closetful of clothes –

Hanging at attention.






A place for everything –

Was your motto.

Now a new place for


Donations –

To the thrift store

You volunteered at.

I make it clear

These are your clothes

As if you were a one-name celebrity.

You were to me. 

I didn’t give everything –

I kept a few things for myself.

Sweaters for substitute hug tokens.

And other items,

                Just because they are cute.

A pair of shoes –

To run around in

and save my expensive pair.

Still in good shape.

Not a perfect fit –

                An indication of how swollen your feet became.

So they fit a little loose.

A reminder

                I can’t fill your shoes.

                I shouldn’t even try.

It’s not right –

It’s not expected –

                To wear 2 pairs of shoes

                At the same time.

We each have our own pair

To wear on our own path.

My shoes fit me just right.

But I’ll still borrow yours from

time to time,

And remember your path.