In the defense of to-do lists

Why is there so much loathing and hatred for to-do lists?  Characters in movies and books are mocked for making lists and many a hero’s journey involves getting rid of her (it’s usually a her) to-do list. Once the character learns to live life without the heinous list she (again, usually a female) really learns to live.  For a to-do list has been the culprit holding her back in life and making life unenjoyable.   Really?  Continue reading

A Pet Peeve

Organization is only beneficial if it increases efficiency.  If it does not, or it becomes organization for the sake of organization, then it moves from the realm of effectiveness and becomes a fruitless obsession.  People brag about having the skill of organizing as if that is the most important skill in life only attainable by a select few.  Unless the doing follows the planning you’re only dreaming.  True organization, or the lack thereof, is plainly manifest and doesn’t need to be explained or excused.  Don’t apologize for being “too organized,” because if you do have that coveted skill, you just made my job easier.