Lessons learned from mom

Let me tell you a little bit about my mom.  She had a strong personality and felt a deep sense of wrong and right.  Her joy was her family and was strongly protective of her little clan.  If you fell under mom’s umbrella she was your fan.  I’m not claiming she was perfect but she did her best to give her best for her family.  Here are a just a few of the things I was fortunate to be taught by mom. Continue reading

Lessons learned from Dad

I had the good fortune to be born to good parents.  Now, I’m not claiming they were perfect or didn’t make any mistakes.  That would be a rose-colored glasses statement and I’m not going there.  What I will say is they were good parents in the fact that they loved their kids and tried their best to make a good home.  I appreciate both of them and honor them for what they were able to provide and do for their little family.  Along the way, they imparted the lessons they learned in life that they thought would help me become a decent human being.  Here are a few of my dad’s nuggets of wisdom. Continue reading