Life Lessons from the Volleyball Court

I blame volleyball for the fact I’m still single. That’s right. It’s all volleyball’s fault I sit at a table for one.

Okay, okay, so the real reason is my lack of desire to play the game. Ever since it was on the rotation in grade school’s PE class, I have had a strong dislike of playing the game. “Please don’t hit the ball to me,” I’d think to myself in a prayer-like chant. That continued through Jr. High and High School’s PE rotation as well. I never developed an appreciation for the game. And since it is the go-to fall back in single wards, I’d avoid it. Hence, singledom. Just not my thing. So imagine my surprise when my youngest niece develops a liking toward it. Enough liking to be on the High School’s volleyball team. That is the only reason I’ve been watching the sport lately. As I sat at her game recently, I thought of how the sport can relate to life. Continue reading

One Little Tree

photo by MM Lee

I am one little tree

one little tree as you can see

as you can see I stand alone

I stand alone where my seed was sown

my seed was sown downhill from the rest

the rest of the trees are up by the crest

up by the crest they share water and sun

water and sun I get since I’m only one

I’m only one to stand against the gale

against the gale sometimes I want to fail

I want to fail when I’m alone during this test

during this test I have no guard like those by the crest

by the crest with all the rest has some perks

some perks but also a few quirks

a few quirks so it’s all right with me

all right with me to be one little tree.