Scaredy Cat

I have never been what you would call a brave person.  Most of my life I’ve been plagued by fears, some valid, a lot irrational.  As I’ve gotten older, most have tapered off.  I’ve been able to face some previous worries and stare them down.  Though I will never consider myself a courageous person, I can at least handle most qualms when they arise but maybe not always willingly.  I  usually deal with uncertainties or ignore them completely.   The other night I was home alone and had just crawled into bed when I heard an eerie scratching noise.  My only thought was, if burglars are breaking in to the house, I hope they keep it down so that I can sleep.  And I promptly fell asleep.  (Rest assured no one broke into my house; it was the east wind rubbing a stray branch against the house).

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