ck’s book club

I have started a new Facebook group.  I know what you’re thinking, “another FB group?  CK, do you have a problem that you feel the need to start new FB groups?”


But let me explain this one.

I have mentioned before my problem with my itty-bitty attention span and how it feels like it is continuing to shrink.  To combat that I have come up with a self-help plan to  stave off the ebb.  I’m not 100% sure if it will work but it makes me feel better that I’m trying to do something.

My plan?

Read.  Read everyday.  Read at least 10 pages or one chapter – whichever comes first before I lose focus.

I started this project around the summer of 2017 and what I realized is I have actually read a lot of books.  Sure, it’s a snail’s pace and other people have read aaaaalllloooot of books in the same time span but compared to previous years, I have read a lot of books.  About a lot of things.

I have mentioned my reads on my blog’s FB page (@cksdays) but it is interspersed with all my witty status posts.  It made it difficult to track my progress.  And if you know me at all, you know I’m a tracker.  I read to slow to attend a live book club and, again if you know me, you  know I would never go to something I would have to socialize at.

Enter ck’s book club. It currently boasts a whopping 5 members.  Granted one of the members is actually me – my personal FB persona.  But 4 other people have asked to join.  It is strictly an online forum and the goal is to just share what the members are currently reading.   We share as we read and let others know about a good read.  At least, that’s my hope.  To share books and opinions but read at your pace on your time.

Come, join us!

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