That time I was a Red Sox fan

The title is misleading a bit.  I have always considered myself a Red Sox fan by inheritance.  My fan status for all my sports teams comes from my dad.  He likes the Denver Broncos.  I like the Broncos.  He likes the Boston Red Sox.  I like the Red Sox.  He is a Wyoming Cowboy through and through.  I’m a Cowboy.  I don’t have to invest time watching the games, I’m just a fan. It’s in my blood.  I just keep track of the final score.  It’s not all that difficult to do since I usually hear about the game from my dad.  

This year though I happen to work with a Boston Red Sox fan.  His fandom rivals that of my dad and brother.  He is in the know about all things Bo-Sox.

Which has proved advantageous for me.  I went to work and my co-worker told me about the Red Sox.  During dinner that night I had something to discuss with my dad.  He would give me a few additional tidbits that I’d share the next day at work.  It became a circle.  My conversations with my co-worker helped my dinner conversations with dad and my dinner talk with dad helped with me breaking the ice with my co-worker.

This was the year I learned a lot about baseball and the Red Sox and I never watched a single game.  Granted it was quite the year to immerse myself in all things Bo-Sox.

Go Sox!

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