Hello Big Brother?

It’s a given when you have a brother named ‘Rick’ and you are eating dinner with rolls there will probably be a time when the word ‘RICKROLL’ will naturally come up in conversation.  It occurred this year during Easter dinner.I mentioned it nonchalantly since I figured, judging from my fellow diners, I would be the only one to get the reference.  To my surprise my brother understood it.  Turns out he had just learned what a RICKROLL was and explained it to the others sitting around the table.

That could be the end of a very boring story but it is not the end.  It takes a turn for the creepy.

That night while watching television and scrolling Facebook this little article about RICKROLLING appeared on my newsfeed.


Um, how close is Big Brother (not the reality show) watching or listening?  And why listen in on my family dinners?  I mean, MY family dinners?  Hmmm.

That isn’t even my creepiest Big Brother moment.  One time I started thinking of Ritz Crackers and suddenly an ad for Ritz Crackers popped up.  That’s right, I THOUGHT of crackers – did not mention them out loud – and BAM! There was an ad.

What’s your creepiest encounter with Big Brother?

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