Moody’s lesson

If you have the channel called Freeform then you know the nickname for it could be the Potter channel.  It likes to show marathons of Harry Potter.  All eight movies.  I’ve read the books a couple of times and I’ve watched the movies more than that. 

The other day I started down a thought track and ended up thinking of poor Professor Alastor Moody.  Here’s a guy that essentially disappeared for nine months and nobody noticed.  It’s true that he was impersonated the whole time but the person who stepped into his shoes and eye was a villain.  A villain!  No one noticed that a Alastor was being played by a bad guy?  Not one person thought, something is different about that old Mad Eye?

Isn’t that incredibly sad?  My new life goal is to live in such a way that no one – no matter how clever – can impersonate me.  And if the time comes a villain kidnaps me and takes over my life I hope someone at least one person will notice the difference.

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