You will get better

This probably sounds like the worst way to console someone.  It might be.  I just remember I didn’t like the well-meaning “It will get better” platitude.  Because what will get better?  Not it.  If anything, it gets worse as time marches on and I miss my mom for longer and longer.  Missing her doesn’t get better. It can’t.


Now, before I cause anyone to want to dig a hole and climb in it because ‘it’ is not going to get any better let me quickly move on.  Maybe it will get better. Maybe it won’t. But you may get better.  You will move on.  The cause of grief will always be there and you will always miss that person but you will get stronger and you will smile again and you will continue to live.  You will heal.

So, no, it will not always get better.  But you will.

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