The Good Stuff in 2016



madi-and-gpaThis year has been rough.  But I’ve mentioned that several times before.  Even I’m getting tired of hearing about the 1-2 punches this year has thrown at me.  It’s time to move on despite the fact there are still three more months with more tests coming my way I’m sure.  Let’s not talk about that right now.  I don’t want to appear ungrateful so this post is all about the good stuff 2016 has thrown my way.  There’s been plenty.

First of all, a couple of cute little packages joined my family.  Two of my nieces each had baby girls within 6 months of each other.  Little gifts from heaven to make you all go, “awww.”

I also had the opportunity to visit a place very important to my mom when she was a girl.  The place she spent her summers.


Brown’s Park

As a family, we also visited dad’s special place as a youth.


South Pass, Wyoming

On Labor Day, dad and I went for a hike looking for another special place from his youth.  Though we were unsuccessful in our venture, we still had a good day.


Stansbury, Wyoming…looking for ‘Red Rocks’

Perhaps it is no coincidence that as my troubles mounted I relied heavily on my family.  We had some great outings.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For my annual birthday road trip, I had the opportunity to safely drive over 1,000 miles and visit places I have never been before.  Plus, I attended Utah temple number 16 – which means I have attended all currently operating Utah temples.

Despite all the turmoil, our final Girls’ Camp visual came to fruition.


Photo used with permission.  Courtesy of Heidi Shuler

At the end of summer, I felt tired of my woes so I decided to put together something I was interested in doing.  I like to share information so I put together a little tour of our local cemetery and conducted it in September.  Seventeen people came and I felt it was  a success and gave me the boost and positive distraction I desperately needed at the time.


Cemetery Walking Tour Sept 16, 2016

Five years ago, I sat in my sister’s living room in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.  We watched the morning’s session of conference together.  My parents were also there.  Mom had been in Utah for her treatments that were starting to fail her.  She did not feel well but she wanted to go home to Wyoming.  Her preference was to be in Wyoming as much as possible but we had to take her to SL for treatments.  On that particular day in early October, we were taking her home.  But we watched part of conference before we left and I’m thankful we did.  She was able to hear the announcement that Wyoming was getting its first temple!  Although she was too sick to react, I know it was an answer to her prayers.  Last month the open house for the Star Valley temple took place and I made sure I went.  A temple in Wyoming, mom!  How about that?!


Star Valley Wyoming temple.  Sept 26, 2016

I traveled on I-80 from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Salt Lake City.  I went north and south and had the opportunity to do some traveling and hiking.  I achieved a goal to walk over 4.5 miles on one particular outing to help prepare me for camp. I did my best to take nightly walks to keep my mental health balanced.  Plus, I tried to read more and spend less time watching television and other non-active pursuits. 


Our little spring waterfall

While it has definitely been a testing year, there has also been plenty of good and beautiful things that have come out of it.  I am grateful for the goodness and beauty.


3 thoughts on “The Good Stuff in 2016

  1. I loved reading this! Thanks for reminding me to keep focusing on the good. I love and miss you and hope I make a trip to RS soon so I can see you!!!!!

  2. This was beautiful! I almost missed it because I didn’t see it on facebook. Two more months almost and then a brand new year. Hang in there! Lyl sis! You are doing better than you think you are.

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