Mr Man in the Moon

For some reason, this song popped into my head the other day. I haven’t heard it in years. But when I think of it I think of my dad.

We were on a family road trip coming or going somewhere on Wyoming’s highways.   The family was crammed in the car and each of us probably feeling differently about the journey. I’m sure I was excited. Road trips have always been my thing.

This particular road trip was during my country phase. I had just purchased a new Patty Loveless tape (it was how some of us listened to music in the early 90’s) and I subjected the family to it.   In my opinion, if I liked something everyone should like it too. Why wouldn’t they? I bought it for the song “Blame it on your Heart.” But it was a cassette tape. Let me explain, it was very, very hard to skip over songs with a tape. Especially when you’re sitting in the back seat and the tape player is up by the driver. In short, we listened to the whole tape.

Over, and over again.

I’m sure I sang along with the songs. Loudly. Out of tune. Annoyingly. Can’t imagine why no one wants to road trip with me.

The last song was called “Mr. Man in the Moon.” Even though at that time I embraced country music, sometimes it would get a little too twangy for me. This was one of those times. If I could have I would have fast forwarded it (the equivalent of skipping a song) to the end of the tape and started playing the other side. But I couldn’t reach so we listened to it.

By the end of the trip something extraordinary happened. I heard someone singing along with that song. It wasn’t a female voice so that eliminated 99% of the passengers. It was dad! Dad sung along with Patty Loveless on this one song. I had never heard my dad sing before. Not in church. Not anywhere. Of course, looking back that could have been because he was never allowed to play his old-time country music with me. He always let me pick the song choice because he’s just an awesome dad. I never knew he liked to sing along till then.

So the other day when this song randomly popped into my head I thought of my dad. And I smiled.

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