To my married friends…

Dear friend,

I know when we get together

there is no holding back

we can talk forever.


Everything under the sun

until at long last we are done.



we should feel a little lighter

but we just exchanged loads

and packed them a little tighter.


And I remember what you say

it never goes away.


So if

all you do is complain about your life

and you seldom offer praise

I will only know your strife.


My advice will be to move on

it’s time for you to be gone.


The thing is,

the picture of your life I view

comes from your brushstrokes

your words paint of you.


You really can’t be mad

if I think your fella is all bad.


You’re smart,

so I trust there is a good reason

you’re staying together

and why you picked this one.


But if you want me to think he’s good too,

you best be sharing less fault and more virtue.

© 2015 ck’s days


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