Tiny homes, uh, no thanks!

The newest trend is to own a tiny home.  Or that’s what the internet would have you believe.

Now, I don’t necessarily want or need a big home but I also don’t want a home I get claustrophobic in.  At least, now that I know I suffer from that (thanks to the spelunking trip of ’13).

See, I’m a home body.  I like to spend my time home.  In fact, I can spend a lot of time at home so if I only have 600 square feet to putter around in I will go crazy.  True story.  When I lived in Denver I rented a studio apartment and I literally went nuts.

But check out the link below and see some fancy small homes.  The camera angles are deceiving.  You begin thinking, that’s not so bad.  Yeah, not so bad until you put it in perspective.  The bed is in the living room.  Or your guests will congregate in your bedroom.  However you want to look at it.

And then check out the price tags on these tiny homes.  Especially the $400,000 one.

You read that right.

Tiny homes market


2 thoughts on “Tiny homes, uh, no thanks!

  1. You must be living a big space to feel these are small?!! It’s a long time since I lived in a big space. In fact, the reality is, large numbers of people in Britain live in very compact houses, it’s quite normal here! 🙂

    I think they look quite nice, a lot nicer and in some ways larger than my own tiny living space. I’ve lived in a small one bedroom flat on the top floor of a Victorian house for years – my reason – I can’t afford anything larger than what I have. In my dreams I’d like to be a rich lady and have a more spacious place – of course! 😉 But actually one person shouldn’t need a very large space with a lot clutter that they don’t need – we just think that’s normal, it’s not how people used to live, it’s how we live today.

    There are people living round the world in even smaller places than mine who have less possessions than I do – and they are happy with what they have – probably happier than me – I have to much clutter!

    They are expensive for a small home though, and although I live in a very compact space, I do at least have a separate bedroom to my main living space. I think it’s fine when you’re a student to have your friends gathering in your bedroom, but not so much when you’re 45!! 😀

  2. I think it was more the price per square foot that got me. But yeah, I’m from Wyoming where we have about 96 people per square mile and we are one of the bigger states geographically in the union. So I am used to my space. 😄

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