Let Me Love You

When you look at me,

what exactly do you see?

A silly old girl

out of touch with reality?

When I look at you,

I wonder how to get through

all those thick walls

set up to protect you.

I can clearly see,

you don’t want to trust me.

And you wish

I would just let you be.

I see you are prone

to do it all alone.

Let me just say,

don’t do it on your own.

I’ve been in the cold.

I’ve carried a heavy load.

No path is the same,

but I’ve traveled a similar road.

I am someone who

will do all that I can do.

One small request,

remember, let me love you.

© 2012 ck’s days

This and other poems available in A Few Words – available at Amazon!



7 thoughts on “Let Me Love You

  1. It’s amazing how many people won’t be loved by anyone, I seem to meet them a lot, especially men, which is why I prefer to be on my own for now, I’m exhausted trying to love people who push love away, but really secretly want it. I might sound a little selfish saying that, but seriously, after many years of trying to get through those walls, it can ruin your life!

    So this is one of your poems from your poetry books? Just wondering – where’s the link to Amazon?

  2. This was part of my retro week (all older posts to celebrate my 3rd anniversay blogging). I wrote this after church one day based upon the youth I work with. They have to be so tough to make it in this world but mostly they all need someone to love them and encourage them. To be on their side and say, “I know you can do great things despite where you’re coming from.” But, as poems do, it took on a whole new meaning to everyone else who read it. That makes me happy! 🙂

    The link should be available in the books tab. All of the poems I shared last week for retro week are available in A Few Words 🙂

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