Open letter to J. Bieber redux

Just over a year ago I wrote an open letter to Justin Bieber.   None of my posts garner much attention and usually are forgotten fairly quickly.  As you can see, this one received one like (from a friend) on WordPress.  I think it also received one or two likes on my Facebook page.  All in all, it was not a well-received piece.  But that’s okay, I’m used to that response.

However, as it sat high in the blogosphere, it actually received a couple of comments. 

The first one from “Jared”:

jared 01

Really how can I argue with such a well thought and literate statement such as this?  As you can see, I couldn’t.   Expecially when Jared so ably pointed out there is no harm in the consumptions of hamrless substances.  There is no refuting such a insightful dispute.


Today I received yet another comment on this dormant post from smh:

smh 01

So… this makes everything all right?  Perhaps Mr. Bieber didn’t post the original status.  If that’s the case it makes it even worse.  That’s the persona he is giving off to people?  That’s the example he’s setting?  Whether he typed the words or someone typed it for him that is still the attitude he flagrantly exhibits.  And that is my whole point exactly. 


In the end, despite the two comments that this post received, I stand by my statement.  Mr. Jared and Mr or Ms smh you have not convinced me otherwise.    But thanks for stopping  by!

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