guest blogger

by Jordyn Lee

Going into high school is an exciting time but frightening. You get all excited to be with all your upper class men friends but also nervous some with tease you for who you are.

I try to look at going into high school with a positive prospective. I played a fall sport and other sports this year and it helps me to know I already have friends. Being in an activity or sports really helps because you’re not watching tv all the time and you have friends.

I think kids in this society focus more on being popular or fitting in, because it’s never fun being the odd one out. I mean who wants to go to high school without a friend, definitely not me!

My main goal this year is to be kind everyone. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be best friends with every person in high school but to give a simple smile to someone who looks sad or maybe even sit with someone at lunch if no one else is. I think by doing this you will have kids look up to you even as a freshmen. Maybe it will even start to put a change into high school. High school will be different in a positive way.


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