That girl in the mirror

That girl in the mirror

is getting older –

looking back at me.


I can’t help but wonder

if she has become

all she was meant to be.


I see some wrinkles

and a few creases –

that’s okay, they were earned.


Chalk them up to life

and a life lived fully

always shows the lessons learned.


So now that girl I see

knows a few more things

and can see clearer.


Some lessons I’ll share

and others I’ll keep

between me and the mirror.

© 2013 ck’s days


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2 thoughts on “That girl in the mirror

  1. I haven’t got any wrinkles yet, my skin is changing and I certainly don’t look anything like my twenties, but no wrinkles. I’m wondering if they are waiting to arrive all at once! I don’t think any of us feel we have become who we wanted to be – even the successful, don’t always feel they’ve arrived! 🙂

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