Words of Wisdom from an Old Aunt

Sometimes when you’re at the beginning
Of a long trip, it can look frightening.
I’ve been where you are now –
And I’ve made it this far somehow.
I know little of what will happen,
Before you reach the journey’s end.
Though I cannot ease the fear,
Or promise good times to be always near,
I can share what I’ve learned,
When I had my turn.
Always have a smile and a kind word.
Learn to love life and live it for all it’s worth.
Stay true to what you know in your heart,
Don’t let the world tear your dreams apart.
Remember, be thankful each and every day,
Your family is there to help you along the way.
Above all else, the Lord will help you through,
And always know I am there for you.

I realize this isn’t much to give.
But I know now, life is to live.
With only paper and pen,
I am trying to share – friend to friend,
All the lessons I have found,
Because it seems they go around.
I’ve given you my most humble counsel,
And I hope life treats you well.
Know somebody always cares,
And you are in our daily prayers.


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