There are 2 types of people. I am 1 of them.

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I am not an early bird

By now, I ain’t ever gonna be.

To all you sunrise viewers

I assure you, I ain’t lazy!

My secret wish

Is to enjoy many a sunrise.

But it’s kinda hard

When you can’t even open your eyes.

Some advice from my sister,

Who views the sunrise each and every day –

“Make yourself wake up early

Just one time and that will set the way.”

No offense, dear sister,

But I tried and must answer with a HA!

You don’t understand,

You’re like dear Pop, and I’m more like our Ma.

It takes more than desire.

It takes a strong willpower.

To change my rutted ways,

And wake at an early hour.

I can’t help it –

If my best thoughts start to click after 10.

It’s not my fault –

Inspiration begins to happen then.

It’s as if the dawn

Depletes my energy like I’m a vampire.

And the rising moon,

Revives me just when I oughta retire.

Night owls and early birds

Can learn to live with one another.

Sunsetters and sunrisers,

Surely complement each other.

Okay, so here’s the deal

Along with one tiny request –

Let me sleep in the mornings

And I’ll be quiet after the sun sets!

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5 thoughts on “There are 2 types of people. I am 1 of them.

  1. I like mornings. The problem is that I like evenings, too. I think the answer is to take a siesta – I’m worthless from about 1 to 4pm every day.

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