The Visiting Angel

Somewhere between still awake and sweet sleep –

Before I drifted into the deep

An image came to my mind so crisp and clear –

I wondered if I were really here.

I saw a place I visited moments before –

On my mother’s bed facing the door

I did my best to provide tender care –

She lay still while I stroked her hair

A thief stole her precious vitality –

The tenacious grip would not let her be

So I did what I could to provide comfort –

For a body well acquainted with hurt

My soul was willing but my body weak –

And I left with a kiss on her cheek

I said a prayer for her to have sweet dreams –

To take my place on her bedspread seams

In my own bed I wished in my heart –

That sleep would bring peace while we were apart

And that’s when I saw the image so clear –

Lying still was my mother, so very dear

Mom wasn’t alone someone sat in my place –

Her visitor had a familiar face

With black hair and dressed in a brilliant white dress –

Mom’s forehead she did tenderly caress

I had seen her angel in pictures before –

Of her holding mom by the back door

Her angel only said one comforting line –

“Before she was yours, she was mine”

It was picture perfect so it seemed –

I’m hoping it was more than just a dream.

This and other fine poems available at

This and other fine poems available at

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