Olympics 2014

I could have been an Olympian –

trust me, my efforts would be so bold –

but I’m not fast, fit, or flexible –

and I don’t really like the cold –

if it weren’t for those few details though –

you can be sure, I’d bring home the gold!

© 2013 ck’s days

No offense, Mr. Ligety

I’m not into the Olympics.  This will become painfully obvious the more you read this post.

I’m barely aware of the fact the Winter Olympics will soon start in Russia.  I’ll become aware of it when the games start to preempt my television shows.

So when NyQuil started running commercials featuring Ted Ligety I giggled.

Ted Ligety NyQuil commercial

When did the Olympics begin allowing Dr. Seuss characters to compete?  How many times will announcers say something such as “Ligety lickety-split!”?  Or “Ligety – lookity him go!”?

Surely, it’s not just me.

It’s probably just me, isnt’ it?

Sometimes ignorance provides the most fun.