Remember: your family name is for future generations, too

I’m proud of my family name. Both my paternal and maternal names that make up, well, me. While my ancestors were not perfect by any means I always enjoy encountering a family name in a history book. It doesn’t happen often but occasionally with local history books I do bump into an ancestor. It got me thinking, what would it be like to share a family name with a notorious figure from history?

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Just missing one piece of the puzzle…

I never got the chance to name a child.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have ideas.  I planned to combine a scripture name with a family name for each child.  Here’s what I came up with:

Moroni Jack.  This is quite possibly the most awesome name ever!  Moroni is a double whammy.  Not only is he the last Book of Mormon prophet to write in the book but there was also a Chief Captain Moroni over the Nephite armies.  Jack is after my mom’s dad.  I just really like the name Jack.  This is the name my family makes fun of me over.  They don’t think it’s as cool as I do.  Obviously, there is no accounting for taste.

 Rebekah Rion (pronounced Ryan).  Rebekah, Isaac’s wife, is one of my favorite scripture heroines found in the Old Testament.  And Rion?  Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch.  My grandma’s name was Marion.  But she hated the spelling because it was the masculine form (as if in John Wayne’s real name).

Emma Zoe (rhymes with no). Emma after Joseph Smith’s wife.  Zoe after the same grandma from above.  Before the name Zoe became popular with the long e at the end, my grandma (born in 1902) went by Zoe – long o and silent e.

Samuel James.  Samuel is a prominent scripture name throughout all the holy writ.  James is after my other grandpa.  Again, I just like the name Sam.  I picture this kid becoming a famous DJ – “This is Sammy J playin today!”

I never figured out a way to work in my other grandma – Tomie.  Still working on that.

But during Sunday School on Sunday, we learned about a man named Zebedee.  You just don’t hear about many Zebedees nowadays.  So, I’m adding one more to the list.  Zebedee Lee.  Sorry, Moroni Jack, there’s a new cool name in town. (And yes, I listened to the actual lesson, too.  Eventually.  It took a while to recover after I thought of the name and kept repeating it in my mind.  I thoroughly entertained myself for a few minutes)

I guess I need to write a few stories and give my characters the names I picked out.  Because they are just too good to go to waste.  Perhaps I’ll start with Zebedee Lee.  Just as soon as I say it five times fast.