See our ares

This came by happy accident.  I wrote it as I wrote a synopsis of another post.  I liked it so much I decided it needed to have its very own meme.  The photo is from a little spring waterfall that is quite popular in my town.  When you live in a desert, a little running water is a big thing.  I thought the photo fit nicely with the thought.

Understanding Who We Are Brings Self-Respect

by Harold B. Lee

I dug into the archives and found the very first conference talk that occured in my lifetime.  It’s interesting because this is the topic or subject matter I feel most impressed to share with the young women I work with.  How can I help them understand who they are?  Anyone who truly understands that he or she is a child of God can rise above the challenges thrown at him or her.  Knowing this, well, knowing this makes all the difference.