Small steps, small steps

I once fasted for help in becoming a nice person.  The day after I was the orneriest I’ve ever been and the total opposite of a nice person.  Perhaps, that is my true self and I just noticed my behavior.  At any rate, I’ve dialed down the goal a little bit.  Becoming a nice person may be a life long quest but maybe I can learn to just not be mean. Continue reading

None of my nunya

I realize all I’m saying here is technically it’s “none of my none of your.”  Which makes no sense at all.  But it is fun to say.  Much funner than to say “it’s none of your business.”  So, when I feel like I’m becoming a bit to Kravitz-y, I remind myself that it is none of my nunya.  In other words, nothing to see here, just keep moving. Continue reading