Clear, Dry Roads Prayer II

I live in Wyoming and a true Wyomingite lives by certain truths.  One, you don’t plan trips during winter.  If there happens to be a nice day and the roads are open then go somewhere.  You should take advantage of those moments in winter because more than likely, the weather may not be conducive to driving and the roads may be closed.  It’s a truth or merely a fact of life here in Wyoming.  But life doesn’t stop just when the snow comes.  Sometimes you have to make plans even in Wyoming. Continue reading


General Conference thoughts: Has the Day of Miracles Ceased?

by Elder Donald L. Hallstrom

This was one of my favorite talks during last conference.  The unspoken invitation was part of a group that helped me change my prayers.  This is one I wish I could be in Relief Society when it is discussed (unlikely chance since my current calling prevents me from attending). Continue reading