Little Lady Catherine

She welcomes travelers home above,

Her face is the first many see.

It is a duty she does with love,

Comforting the sad and lonely.


Traveling as if on a sun’s ray,

She is His messenger in white,

And shows each soul the way,

It is a beautiful sight.


She greets strangers all the while,

Nobody realizes the cost,

Her own mom and dad can’t see her smile,

For she is a Little Lady Lost.


She died innocent a time ago,

And was received with much love.

But her parents did not know,

They could meet again up above.


She know her mom is up there now,

And she saw her dad when she came.

But to join them, the law can’t allow,

And so, lonely tears fall as rain.


With help, she could see her family again,

According to the doctrine.

She waits and hopes, until then,

As Little Lost Lady Catherine.


So much time has slipped away,

As she tries to patiently endure.

But now she worries with each new day,

Will anybody remember her?


The fault is not her own,

This much she understands.

Without family she is alone,

Until someone heeds the command.


When the day finally comes,

She knows what to do then,

To her parents arms she’ll run

And say, “I’m your Little Lady Catherine.”

© 2016 ck’s days


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