The Ballad of Uriah the Hittite

“Thy servant Uriah the Hittite is dead also” ~ 2 Samuel 11:21

I am a man,

an honest man at that.

I know where

my allegiance is at –

I devote all that I can

to my three loves of life.

My duty and honor is

with my God, my king, and my wife.

What is a man without a good wife?

She is my whole reason for life

and so I love,

I love,

I love,

I love,

I love my wife.

I serve my country and my king

to these I pledge everything

and so I fight,

I fight,

I fight,

I fight,

I fight for my king.

I pray to God up above

and ask for His continuing love

and so I trust,

I trust,

I trust,

I trust,

I trust my God above.

To these three I will

give my heart, my all.

In this life I will never know

that two are the cause of my fall.

But on the other side

I will continue to sing

Hallelujah and praises to

my Eternal King.

He will take those wrongs and make them right

as I dwell in His kingdom of light

I will receive,




I will receive my right.

Two may have let me down

but One will give me my Eternal Crown

So I will forgive,




I forgive the two that let me down.

When this story of mine is told

pity no more Uriah of old

because I win,

I win,

I win,

I win,

remember I win when my story is told.

© 2015 ck’s days


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