What She Can’t See

Her smile melts hearts,

she is everyone’s friend.

Truer than true –

she’ll stick with you till the end.

But she doesn’t know it,

she can’t ever see it.

You see, she’s her own worst enemy.

Everyone she meets

absolutely adores her.

They’d never guess

her secret – no never.

How she knocks herself down

Nothing good ever found

when she peers into the mirror.

And she hears whispers in the wind

that make her wonder

Not knowing those whispers

say they want to be like her.

I don’t know much but I know this

true awesomeness

isn’t clear when reflecting in a mirror.

© 2014 ck’s days

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This and other fine poems available at Amazon


2 thoughts on “What She Can’t See

  1. I used to know someone like this. She even convinced herself that people didn’t like her. She was a lovely person, a talented young woman, and she must have been the worst case of self doubt I’ve ever seen. She died really young too, so never really discovered that everything she believed about herself was so totally untrue. It’s horrific, and amazing how the same world to different people can look so totally different! But how do you reach someone who builds so many walls?

  2. Oh, that’s a sad story. But I think we all have a little bit of this in us. Even those that seem full of bravado – I sometimes think that’s just an act. We tend to focus on our own negativity and that we aren’t living up to higher level standards. Maybe?

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