Dodgeball November 10, 2012


photo courtesy the web

Look at them line up

a small army to be sure

ready to get us

with their arsenal of nerf

colorful nerf arsenal.


Our team is just 2

too bad I throw like a girl

and run like I’m old

sorry I’m not any help

nope I sure won’t be a help.


You be the soldier

now go and tag every one

and I’ll be the pawn

I’m the target and you’re hope

you are our chance I am not.


A reprieve when a

sympathizer and his son

take pity on us

and cross the gym to our side

our side needs you more than them.


Three and a half now

(I’m not sure who the half is)

against their army

well, at least this should be quick

pretty quick it will be done.


Fast and furious

the balls are flying at me

duck and jump and duck

scoot and sidestep, twist and turn

twist and turn, scoot and sidestep.


They aim for them first

then turn on me, the non-threat

I wish I could throw

they swarm on me and attack

I might have nightmares about this.


I know I’m done for

the game is over speedily

we are the losers

but we put up a good fight

a good fight we sure put up.


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