The post in which I totally blab and disclose plot info about the movie Warm Bodies

warm-bodies-poster-ew-brandedIf I were to receive a do-over in my life I would ask for only one. This would be my choice: the ability to travel back in time to when I was a fresh-eyed graduate of high school. Instead of wasting time “wanting to be a teacher” (nope) study video production out of the gate. AND THEN I would become a professional movie trailer maker a la Cameron Diaz’s character in The Holiday.

You know, the person who takes the best parts of a movie and puts them into a 30 second montage to entice you to see a movie? Yeah. That person. What an awesome job that would be. Tricking people into thinking a movie is worth their precious money in under a minute! Now, that’s power.

Here’s an example. I’ve seen the previews for Warm Bodies for a few weeks now. The premise is amusing. !SPOILER ALERT! A zombie falls in love and comes back to life. I’m not up on my Zombie mythology so I don’t know if this particular view has been done before. What can I say? It looked cute. So I went.

I invited my niece Jo-T to come. It wasn’t on her list of must-see’s but she came anyway (to spend time with her aunt).

So, here’s the premise of the movie and if you’re still reading and don’t want to know any more about it STOP READING NOW. Well, at least scroll down to the last three paragraphs where I give my final recommendation.  It’s post-apocalypse. There’s a group of zombies that hang out at the airport and grunt. The main zombie has an amazing inner-dialogue going on considering he has no vocal skills.

The other pastime the undead partake in is eating. Unfortunately, they only have a hankering for humans. That creates a problem and there’s this division between the undead and the living. There is another faction in zombie land. The “boney’s” are on a lower level of depravity than the regular run of the mill zombies. In essence, while the zombies are the bad guys the boneys are the bad-bad guys. On a side note, they kind of reminded me of the mummy in the Brendan Fraser franchise. But that has nothing to do with this movie. I just kept forgetting what movie I was watching.

Got all that? There’s the boneys. The zombies. And the humans. Now, the zombies still have human like features. They just have the one major character flaw of considering human brains as a delicacy. Other than that, no worse than the most socially awkward person you’ve ever met in your life. I know there’s at least one person you’re thinking of right now.

It’s a pretty typical rom-com. Boy zombie meets human girl…while eating her boyfriend’s brains. This infuses him with the boyfriend’s memories. The zombie likes the feeling because typically zombies don’t have memories. Or dreams. But again, considering all this, he had some great inner-dialogue happening.

To cut to the chase, the two fall in love. There’s even that uncomfortable girl-disclosing-all-to-her-best-friend scene. And girl human realizes she fell in love with boy zombie. Really? This is after she discovers that boy zombie did in fact consume her boyfriend. That to me would be a deal breaker. But the boyfriend “had changed” which helps her get over the whole moral dilemma rather quickly.   For me, it would be hard to kiss a guy knowing his lips touched my boyfriend’s brains.  And not in a good way.

In the end, the love-struck couple changes the world. The zombies team up with the humans and they all beat the boneys. The good news and happy ending is that even zombies can be redeemed.

Is there a great message in this? Yeah. But you can find a message in just about anything.

Do I recommend it? Sure. It’s fun enough. Pure and total silliness. However, be warned the language isn’t pleasant. I don’t appreciate taking the Lord’s name in vain. It makes me uncomfortable. Unfortunately, that was their swear word of choice. If this offends you, better not see it.

My niece’s summation of it did not change after watching it. Her opinion, “It was really long.”

photo courtesy the web

photo courtesy the web

Here’s one more recommendation. If you do go see it, you will see zombies eating human brains. Do not, and I cannot stress this enough, do not eat Sloppy Joes for dinner afterward. Not smart. Not wise. And definitely not cool.