Ten Years Ago…

On this somber anniversary weekend I have decided to post an excerpt of a letter I wrote on September 20, 2001 to a friend in Sweden.  She had asked my perspective of the events on 9/11.  I post this with some trepidation because I don’t want anyone to suppose I am trying to make myself equal with those who lost so much on that day.  This is only meant to be my perspective and is not meant to be a factual retelling.  It also shows the attitude of patriotism that permeated after that day.


Tuesday morning I was late to work (as usual) and was trying to wake my faculties enough to make it to lunch (at which time I could take a nap to get me through the rest of the day).  But somewhere that very usual and typical morning took a turn and my day, week, month, and yes, even my life was touched and moved – without my life being personally touched.

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