A Christmas to Remember

CHAPTER I: The Hospital

Doctor Fields tapped his finger on the wall and waited for a response from the woman standing beside him.

She cautiously leaned a little closer to the window.  As she did so, she cinched her scarf a little tighter.  Her ball cap was pulled down low on her forehead and he was surprised she didn’t remove her sunglasses while inside.  Something about the woman didn’t sit right but he couldn’t tell the story’s details. 

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The Interview of ‘22

I am not a journalist. A far cry from one I know. But I do like to play one on-line with my little inconsequential blog. As a pretend journalist, I need to do some interviews. Here is the first of what I am hoping will become a regular feature on my blog. I interviewed not one but three willing participants. Full disclosure alert though, I did pay them with a piece of candy for their time.

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Story behind the post: The Car Wash

Any long-time reader of this blog should know that I attempt to write a five-part short story every month with 5 Saturdays. It’s an attempt to practice my writing skills. In the beginning of its conception, I thought it would help motivate me to write on a regular basis. That has not panned out as planned. Whenever I look at the calendar and see a 5 Saturday month approaching, I tend to get a little anxious. Mainly because I don’t even have an idea formulating. Such was my predicament toward the end of September. October had five Saturdays and was drawing closer, what was I going to do? Should I keep this goal or file it away as a “no longer applicable” ambition tucked away with other goals I have moved away from. No, I wanted to keep the practice. So, what to write? The week before October 1, I finally sat down and wrote the first chapter of The Car Wash.

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