A Ghost of a Story Part V

V. K.J. Malone, 1924

Longtime resident dies after relating a ghost of a tale

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of longtime resident Ed Thomas.  A former resident of Wyoming, Mr. Thomas lived in the northern Salt Lake valley for twenty-four years.  I happened to interview Mr. Thomas shortly before his passing and he related a remarkable tale of the circumstances that brought him here.  It is a fantastical tale not for the faint of heart for Mr. Thomas claimed to yours truly the means he was able to purchase his magnificent home with acres filled with every kind of fruit tree was none other than a ghost.  That’s right, dear reader, Mr. Thomas insisted he owed his small fortune to other worldly means.

A story to rival a pirate’s tale, the ghost led Mr. Thomas to a booty buried deep in a Wyoming mine.  He shared the story with such earnestness that he almost made this skeptical reporter believe.  Ever in character, Mr. Thomas did not even flinch when I questioned after his Chinese butler I met shortly prior to our interview.  Do you know how he reacted?  Why, he looked at me for a moment and then tapped his hand softly on the table.  “I guess he has come to take it all back,” he said.  Mind you, he said this before regaling me with his wild tale of a ghost of a Chinese man leading him to a buried fortune.  It was enough to give this doubting reporter the chills for the rest of the evening.  I can tell you, it took some time for me to shake off the absurdity of his story and regain my senses once again.

I had an appointment the following day to return and receive a tour of his beautiful grounds but when I arrived at his home I was surprised to discover he passed away during the night.  At first, I was afraid the Chinese man I had seen at his door the previous day might have had something to do with his expiration.  But the police reassured me he they found no evidence of another person being near him.  It appeared he died from natural causes most likely a heart attack.  No foul play is suspected.

It seems as if Mr. Thomas did not want his story to be discovered and it looks like he attained his wish.  No person will ever know how a former coal miner was able to afford so much land or retire with so much ease.  Whatever his secret was one thing is certain, Mr. Thomas lived a good life and left a good lot behind.

I. Kit Malone, 1924

II. Dave Lewis, 1899

III. Quong Fat, 1885

IV. Ed Thomas, 1899

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