Siri’s distant cousin she doesn’t like to talk about

I’ve had my iPhone for awhile now.  I knew when I purchased it that it was a little too much phone for me.  But I decided to splurge so that I wouldn’t have to buy another phone for a few years.  That’s how I roll.

I showed it off to a friend shortly after I received it.  At this moment, I can’t remember which friend I had the following conversation with.

Friend: “Does this have Siri?”

Me: “No.”

Friend: “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, this isn’t that model.”

“It looks like it.”

“It’s not.”  I should know what kind of phone I ordered, for Pete’s sake!

The other day I accidently discovered the voice control.  I know, I know, it comes with convenient literature to help the new owner orient herself to the phone.  It’s still in the box and I planned on reading it… someday.

Have I had Siri all this time and didn’t know it?  That would be embarrassing.  I turned on the voice control and asked, “Is it raining outside?” That commercial bugs me.  Put the phone down and LOOK OUT THE WINDOW!!

However, after I asked the question, it tried calling J-Girl.  I quickly stopped the call from going through.  She already knows I’m a dork; I didn’t want to explain this one.

I needed another question.  “What’s the temperature outside?”  It tried to FaceTime an associate.  End, end, end!  I have to hit the “end” button multiple times for it to get the picture.  Discovered that when I ended a call and started talking to my dad about the conversation I just had…and the person was still on the line listening.  So very glad I didn’t say anything bad!

Finally, I read the directions.  No, I do not have Siri.  What I have is a cheaper version with a bland moniker of “Voice Control.”  It basically will call people for me so that I don’t have to dial.  So, thankfully, I was right when I told my friend my phone did not have Siri.  Whew!  Sometimes I’m wrong and that seems to be happening more frequently lately.

In related news.  I accidently figured out how to take a picture of my screen.  My next mission is to take a picture of my brother’s screen and leave the picture on.  None of his buttons will work!  It’s going to be pretty cool if I can remember to do it when the opportunity presents itself.

One more thing I learned from reading the literature:  the volume up button will take pictures when in camera mode.  Maybe I should have read the directions sooner…

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